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Care for the environment

Matsumoto Yushi-Seiyaku Co.,Ltd a ISO 14001certified company

In order to further enrich and diversify our Quality and Environmental Management Systems, we have proactively pursued the promotion of ISO Standards and achieved ISO 9001 Standard certification for quality management in 1995 and followed with the obtention of ISO 14001 Standard certification for environment management in 1998, and these two certifications were acquired for our headquarters plant. We are constantly striving to adequately achieve customer satisfaction and to positively contribute to society through innovative and responsible solutions.

Through the manufacture and sales of surfactants and derivative products we are contributing to the well being of society by providing several functional products featuring environment-friendly characteristics. We are also promoting company activities which contribute to the reduction of environmental loads through low emissions and low energy consumption.

[Environmental Policy]

Our objective is to conserve the environment and improve its health and integrity through the reduction of environmental loads and development of environment-friendly products. We believe this can be achieved by having in place a robust environment management system which we have established and are committed to develop constantly. Following are our environment policy guidelines:

  1. To strictly adhere to and abide by all environmental regulations
  2. To promote and achieve waste reduction
  3. To promote and achieve efficient use of resources and energy
  4. To maintain high health and safety standards
  5. To develop environment-friendly products

Besides, all objectives and targets which have been set are to be reviewed in a consistent manner to ensure that such targets are in strict compliance with policy guidelines.
All employees are to be adequately informed of environment policy objectives and targets so that they strive to achieve them and to review and continuously improve the systems which are in place to deliver policy objectives.